5 Specialties of Travelling Nurses That Are In High Demand

Travelling nurses travel from one place to another to work in temporary positions in different healthcare institutes. Travel nursing offers wide scope for nurses of all specialties, but some specialties are in much higher demand than others, mainly due to the extensive skillset that the jobs require.


The following 5 travel nursing specialties have seen high demand in recent years:

  1. ICU Nurse

Most travel nursing agencies in the U.S specify that ICU nurse is one of the highly coveted positions because of their broad skill set. Hospitals often shift ICU nurses to other critical care units as they are well-trained for such activities.

Ohio, California and Texas are some of the best places for ICU travel nurses.

  1. PICU/NICU Nurse

Pediatric and neonatal intensive care nurses are in high demand in children’s hospitals and healthcare centers with large number of pediatric patients. The complexity of equipment used by PICU/NICU travel nurses gave them the opportunity to work in some of the best facilities in the country, which house the latest treatment devices and medical technologies.

California, New York, Texas and New Jersey have plenty of opportunities for such nurses.

  1. Computer Conversion (CC) Nurse

Hospitals all around the U.S have started implementing electronic health and medical records to record and store patient data.

Nurses with experience in making and maintaining electronic charts will find countless opportunities, no matter where they go. CC nurses can lend their expertise to hospitals which are in the process of converting paper records into digital form.

  1. OR Nurse

Nurses who hold OR certifications have highly skills that make them an invaluable asset during surgeries. The vast knowledge of OR nurses can benefit any healthcare center whether it is a major hospital or a small mobile healthcare unit

  1. L&D Nurse

Labor and Delivery nurses are always in demand in maternity clinics all over the country. L&D nurses are also qualified for other sub-specialties such as women’s health and obstetrics, postpartum and antepartum care, which keeps them in high demand.